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JoshuaOne9 is a new organization based on a proven idea.  Several years ago, a man was given a second chance.  After twenty years of addiction and unsuccessful attempts at recovery, Lee Flach surrendered his life to Jesus.  This was the first step to full and lasting recovery.  In the early days of this recovery, Lee met a man who was in the process of starting a new business.  This man needed some help with the startup, and Lee needed someone to give him a chance.  A partnership was formed and things began to grow.  Now, six years later Lee is the business owner and uses this platform to invest in others who find themselves where he once was.

The process is already being applied, and will continue to grow through the following 3 phases...


A 2nd Chance

Sometimes you just need a 2nd chance. When you have been through the valley and are ready to start the climb, it can often be difficult to find someone who believes in you.  JoshuaOne9 is the parent company of MyLawnCrew, a professional landscaping company in Raleigh, NC. In addition to a variety of lawn care professionals, MyLawnCrew also employees several men who have a recovery story of their own.


Commercial and Residential Landscaping and Hardscaping

My Lawn Crew


At MyLawnCrew, we adhere to the principles of JoshuaOne9 Enterprises by creating a work environment for people in recovery that teaches faith in God, honesty, integrity, discipline, work ethic, and accountability.

Click here for an example.

Investing in Others


We take great care to provide the highest quality products and services to each of our customers.

Utmost Quality



We are currently in the process of locating land in the Raleigh, NC area to begin building a new headquarters for JoshuaOne9 Enterprises.  These facilities will include office spaces, a recovery house, counseling and coaching services, a meeting spaces for recovery and discipleship groups, as well as operational facilities for our subsidiary employment opportunities.


We are currently searching for 8-15 acres of land East of Raleigh, NC



Once we obtain land, we will begin construction of facilities.



The initial construction phase will primarily focus on offices and a base of operations for the work crews. Following this stage, we will begin construction of our own recovery house and meeting spaces.




Our plans include additional opportunities and more specialized offerings.  We will add more work outlets to give people a 2nd chance - specifically related to employment and career opportunities. Other businesses that share this heart for recovery can be initiated and/or partnered with.  We would also like to add facilities for further coaching for pastors, missionaries, couples, and individuals in need of a Christ-centered short-term retreat and coaching.


Whether due to hardship, infidelity, or addiction, couples often find themselves in need of hope, help, and crisis coaching. We plan to provide a bed & breakfast environment for short-term couples coaching.

Couples Coaching


Although the current outlet for employment and career opportunity is through MyLawnCrew, there is room for growth into other industries. We plan to grow and expand into other subsidiaries as the need grows.

New Partners


Our model has already been proved to be successful. As the need for life coaching, emotional healing, and addiction recovery continues to take its toll on lives and families, our reach will expand within our region and beyond. 

Future Expansion

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